I have created a new blog with Typepad.  It’s entitled Deaf Busy Bee’s Blog.  Enjoy reading this new blog.  : )

I have decided to switch by using Blogger. It’s Dina Marie’s Memoir Blog via Blogger platform. Of course it is still the same title as my blog via WordPress.

Yesterday was warm and sunny weather outside in Pacific NW area. So, I got a chance to mow the lawn. I was somehow brave enough to mow in the area nearby bamboo plants in the front yard. There were bees pollinating these plants. I was concerned that bees could sting on me, which I was mowing and probably bothering them while they were pollinating. Good thing that they did not sting on me.

What a good workout for me since I mowed the lawn in both front and back yard especially a long hill beside of the home. Unfortunately that I have sore in my arms and shoulders, which I absolutely have no idea of how I have this soreness.

After I was done mowing, I used a weed and grass killer and sprayed toward weeds and grass in the driveway. On the label, it says that it will progress up to 12 hours. I’ll see how it looks by tomorrow.

After I was done working outside, I replaced three Conserv-Energy compact fluorescent light bulbs in the dining room, outside in the patio, and nearby the garage door.

At last, I removed masking in the front porch after it is done with painting. A friend of mine, who came over for a visit saw the red wine painting in the front porch and thought it was done professionally. Actually, it was my first time to paint in the front porch and deck. It brought self-esteem in me that I was able to take care of my home instead of paying someone else to do it for me.

After my day taking care of my yard and my home, I had salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing with slices of carrots, onions, a hard boiled egg and bacon bits among with a dish of baked chicken breast. Yummy.

Then I had a chat with a friend of mine via videophone and watched a movie.

This morning I picked up a friend of mine, who lives in Lynnwood. While we were out and about, we did some errands. We stopped by Walmart, since my friend bought a comb and a container of ground coffee. Then we headed off to an oriental store nearby my home located in Edmonds. That shopping plazsa has Chinese and Korean restaurants inside the oriental food store. My friend had a complete Korean meal, which includes a variety of vegetables such as “coleslaw”, Kim Chee, Tofu, slices of cucumber, white rice and a hot curry soup.

As for me, I had Mandarin Chicken with minced carrots and vegetables among with white rice. It was delicious. We also had hot tea made from brown rice. What an interesting to have this kind of meal for breakfast.

After our breakfast, we went to a store called Care Bear that sells a variety of motorcycles and accessories. My friend bought sunglasses for his uncle, who resides in Korea. His uncle really wants to have American sunglasses. So his request had been met.

Then we stopped by Wells Fargo Bank to have his password to be turned on, so that way my friend can use ATM while he is there in Korea.

Then off we went on a freeway south to Sea Tac Airport. We were relieved that the traffic went quite smoothly than we expected. Whew! It saved our time.

In addition, it was quite interesting when my friend mentioned that he wished that I could join with him on a trip to Korea. There are two reasons, which I am unable to do so was because of money and Nolan is in school during this time.

Afterward this afternoon, I had friends, who came over and repaired the insulation on the wooden floor and covered with the carpet in the dining room. They also rearranged the hutch and table iin proper position in the room. I felt so much relieved that I could really walk and enter in the dining room and the formal living room without having to squeeze through the hutch and the dining room table in order to open the blind and the curtain every morning and every night.

Nolan and I have been attending to Seattle’s Children’s Hospital on every Tuesdays since last July. He goes to playgroup while I take a class that is based on a book called It Takes Two to Talk. This book was written by Jan Pepper and Elaine Weitzman.

It’s an excellent book that focuses on how to develop communication, language, and interaction skills especially with babies, toddlers, and children, who have developmental delays. This book is also excellent for children, who are deaf and hard of hearing.

When we were getting ready to leave for Children’s Hospital, I was stunned when Nolan used words in Children’s Hospital in sign language to me last night. I felt good that I kept on exposing him with different words in sign language. It took a while for him to absorb and really understand of what words mean.

At last, it was worth my time to take It Takes Two to Talk class. It gives me some ideas of how I can assist and expose Nolan by building up his communication, language, and interaction skills.

It is hard to believe that Nolan has started his first day at school yesterday, which was on Monday, September 8th. He is still in second year of preschool with same teacher, Gary Smith. Ironically that his teacher used to be my interpreter when I used to attend Roosevelt High School from 1983 thru 1987. What a small world!

Since he started school yesterday, I could not believe that his school is having Picture Day for students as individuals and with classmates in groups today. I hope that his picture as an individual and a class picture will turn out to be good pictures with a good smile.

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Isn’t that interesting?

Unfortunately my computer is no good.  So, I am in the prcess of getting a new HP set that includes CPU, LCD monitor, and a printer.  Technician at Best Buy is working, cleaning, and testing on my new CPU to make sure that it functions properly before I pick it up.

Since I have no computer available for use at home, so I am using my Blackberry pager.  It is better than nothing.  Hopefully that the new HP set will be connected and ready for me to use by next week.

I am aware that I haven’t posted lately due to my being hectic by getting things ready by packing and getting everything ready for the trip to Miami.

Nolan and I are leaving for Miami tomorrow on Friday night. We will be in Miami the next day – Saturday, June 28th. I am looking forward seeing my father again. We plan to be there for his 89th birthday on Thursday, July 3rd. Of course we are looking forward eating Cuban food and seeing our relatives again.

Tuesday, June 10th: I received a phone call from my former Mother in Law last night. She spoke with my grandmother’s former neighbor’s daughter, Linda. I was informed that the people, who live in my grandmother’s home in Seattle near Wallingford area, somehow found a frame of my grandparents’ family. It was in a hidden place. How strange!

My grandparents and my mother lived in that house for years! It was interesting that my mother probably could not remember that there was something precious in our generation in the hidden place before she had the house sold in 1990.